Garter Tab


Garter Tab Cast On

1. Cast on 3 sts

2. Knit back and forth in garter stitch for the amount of rows the pattern states: For Khyber Pass that is 19 rows. (I think I only knit 13 rows here.)

3. Turn your little strip 90 degrees, so one long side is on the top.

4. Pick up and knit stitches along the long edge.
Here I picked up 6 (3 are the original 3 from before you turn, see?).
In Khyber Pass you will pick up 9 sts.

5. Pick up and knit 3 more stitches from the cast on edge.
(Yes it sort of bends the little strip a bit)

6. This is what it looks like in a finished shawl.
It blends in perfectly and you can’t tell where exactly it was!