Happy New Year – Happy New You!

Fora of: Happy 2013 everybody! And thanks to all of you for reading my little blog. I  honored and blessed that i can provide information that is interesting and relevant to you. Happy New Year!

I just quickly wanted to share some easy tips to start the year off right.
Many of you made great resolutions for the new year. You’re going to exerciseore. Or eat better. Loose weight. Run a 5k. Those are all great goals to have and i commend you for them all.
Hear i want to specifically address eating better and loosing weight( Although i prefer to refer to it as loosing body fat since that really should be the goal) While it ia great ro have longer goal, every bug journey starts with a small step and mound Everest did not get climbed in one day. What i am trying to say is prepare and above all take small steps. If you’re coming from a diet of cheeseburgers and fries (extreme example) and you decide to be super healthy and just eat really great whole food starting January 1, you are setting yourself up for failure. Sorry. But inadvertently you will slip, its a huge change! Then you end up feeling bad and get frustrated and give up as it seems all very hopeless. Do yourself a favor, don’t set yourself up for failure, no one likes to fail. Seriously. What you need to so is approach this differently. Set yourself up for success! And i am going to tell you how. First you need to approach change much more gradual. So its doable and you sent feel deprived. The way we are going to start is by replacing just one meal a day with something homemade. Something real. You know real food, whole food. Something good for you. One meal is doable and if you goof for breakfast, guess what, you still have to more chances for success! I am hoping you are going to plan a bit more than that, as truly your success depends on the planning part as much as your continued intention to change for the better. And here’s the second part of the ‘wisdom’ I’m  going to impart onto you: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Period. Most people don’t eat unhealthy because they wanna be unhealthy, but because they get caught up in the run of life and suddenly it’s 8 pm and you’re still out and about and haven’t given dinner much thought. And now you’re starving and here’s hat convenient fast food place, or a diner, family restaurant or whatever place you pass will start looking real good right about now. But if you plan ahead, you know hat there are a few meals in your freezer and or fridge that can be heated up quickly and won’t  make you felt crappy after.
So here the re-cap: Start with one meal a day. Plan it. And once that feels more natural and you’re inbthe groove work on fixing a second meal… You will also notice that you start feeling better after the good meals and that will help make you want to keep going down that path. Just don’t beat yourself up over temporary set backs. Thats all they are. Temporary. You can do this. One step at a time. So savour goals and give yourself a break. Rome wasn’t built in a day 🙂 And give yourself credit for wanting to make a change.  Give yourself some love for that!
Please look through the blog, there are many recipes that can be either prepared ahead, made while you’re away (slow cooker) or can be frozen ahead of time. I will also work on a weeks worth of meals in the next couple of days that you can use as a guideline or follow. 🙂
May your new year be blessed with love, happiness and light!